A great and talent friendly recording studio in Ghana with ISDN and PHONE PATCH is none other than Sly Entertainment Recording Studios at Fadam Accra-Ghana. It's used for in town and out of town sessions, demos and casting. The initial encounter many new voice actors will have with a studio is either through the making of their first voice over demo or by attending a class that an instructor is holding at their preferred studio. 

Sly Entertainment Recording Studios is a top-notch operation. It's the total picture when it comes to voice recording, right from the moment you walk through the door.

Talent and producers alike are welcomed with warm greetings and class. Studio facilities are posh, hi-tech and well-appointed.... and Shem and his team of engineers and staff are efficient, knowledgeable, and most of all fun. Check 'em out now!!

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  I am a new Voice artist and found that Sly Entertainment Recording  studio in Ghana, west Africa  is great. Very friendly, puts you at ease, and with a great professional sound and finish to the end product.
streetbouy the engineer also gives some great advice on voice train, and how to use it as I am quite a novice at singing, needing an idiots guide to it to be honest and still needing guidance. streetbouy  was very helpful.

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Sly Ent. Recording Studio offers a variety of Duplication and Recording Package Plans so that you can meet your needs and goals and still work within your budget.